Our services cover the whole project cycle, from project design to implementation, and to monitoring and evaluation.

Specialists in environmental & social assessments, institutional development, governance and privatisation, and project implementation management.

Agriculture and Rural Development

Agriculture has been the mainstay of FCG ANZDEC’s operations since its formation. Our specific expertise in agricultural development includes: regional development; agricultural policy planning and institutional strengthening; production, processing and marketing for a wide range of agricultural commodities; farming systems’ development; irrigation systems’ development and improvement; agricultural research, extension and training and support services; agricultural economics, credit and development banking; micro-, small- and medium-enterprise development; and community participation and organization.

Coastal and Marine Resources Management

In the coastal and marine resources management field, our experience includes development and implementation of integrated coastal management plans, community-based management of marine protected areas, policy and strategy development and institutional strengthening; capacity building, and reinforcing linkages between management of the coastal zone and other aspects of the ecosystem. We are also experienced in ecosystem-based fishery management, development of sustainable small-scale fisheries, and conservation-based growth of fisheries and aquaculture industries.

Natural Resources Management

FCG ANZDEC has built solid capability in natural resource management, including integrated water resources management, watershed protection, improving water supply facilities for sustainable agriculture, and water management. We are experienced in building capacity of national and local stakeholders for enhancing water-use efficiency and the sustainability of water supply and irrigation, based on international best practices. We also work with development planners to formulate effective water resource management policies, strategies, governance and projects.

Climate Change Adaptation

Climate change mitigation and adaptation are considered and addressed to the largest extent possible in all our commitments. We have gathered experience and expertise in climate change adaptation and mitigation measures; climate sustainable policy-making; climate change adaptation and mitigation frameworks; disaster prevention, resilience and reduction measures, and frameworks; sustainable agriculture, fisheries, marine resources management, natural resource management and coastal protection; as well as institutional strengthening and capacity building.

Disaster Risk Management

FCG ANZDEC contributes to enhanced resilience of vulnerable communities and supports them to develop and build disaster resilience and mitigation initiatives. In the disaster risk management field we develop, propose and review disaster management frameworks. We assess and develop mitigation measures as well as action plans. Our experience includes natural and manmade hazards such as landslides, flooding, earthquakes, droughts, and volcanic eruptions.

Additional Services

  • Health
  • Education
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Transport

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