FCG New Zealand has been contributing to sustainable development for over 50 years.

FCG New Zealand was established in 1970 and joined the Finnish Consulting Group in 2002. With over 50 years’ experience in international development, the company has developed expertise in areas such as climate-smart agricultural development, coastal and marine resource management, water resource management, climate change resilience and disaster risk management. We support communities and the environment by integrating modern science with traditional and indigenous knowledge and practices.

We provide consulting and project management services to bilateral development agencies (including New Zealand Aid Programme and the United Kingdom Department for International Development), multilateral agencies (including Asian Development Bank and World Bank), United Nations agencies (including Food and Agriculture Organization and UNDP), regional organizations (including the Secretariat of the Pacific Community), and governments.


At FCG New Zealand, we maximize local participation and ownership of development projects. This approach has proven successful time and time again on our projects around the world. We aim to leave a legacy of a guaranteed sustainable progress at the completion of every project.

Since 1970, we have successfully implemented more than 700 projects, mostly in Asia and the Pacific. We have provided consulting services in 67 countries across the world – from small island countries such as Tuvalu to some of the largest economies in the world, such as China and India. We are based in Auckland, New Zealand, and we have project offices in Bangladesh, India, Mauritius, and Sri Lanka.







FCG New Zealand’s services cover the whole project cycle – from concept creation to project design, and from implementation to evaluation. We have an established reputation for excellence in the delivery of loan, grant, and technical assistance projects for a variety of international clients. FCG New Zealand implements more ADB projects by value than any other company in New Zealand.

Our value-driven project management approach allows our team to deliver high-quality outcomes to clients and stakeholders. We identify project and client requirements, evaluate time and cost constraints, and integrate adaptability and quality assurance into product delivery. Projects are assigned a project director, project manager, and administrator, who work closely with our technical team. Project management services are provided by our experienced project management team and our network of valued partners.

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